Durham Cathedral — our mission and vision

Durham Cathedral is a Christian Church of the Anglican Communion, the Shrine of St Cuthbert, the Seat of the Bishop of Durham and a focus of pilgrimage and spirituality in north-east England.

We inhabit a treasured sacred space set in the natural and human landscape of the World Heritage Site.

Our purpose is to worship God, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, welcome all who come, celebrate and pass on our rich Christian heritage and discover our place in God’s creation.

Six areas of life, each of which is vital in its own right but also connected to the others, make Durham Cathedral what it is today.

1. Worship and Spirituality
We worship God through daily prayer and praise, and celebrate the contributions of music and art to the spiritual life of the Cathedral.

2. Welcome and Care
We welcome all who cross our threshold and express Christian care in all aspects of our life as a community.

3. Learning, Nurture and Formation
We help people to encounter God and grow in faith and discipleship by offering opportunities for dialogue, learning and research.

4. Outreach and Engagement
We work in active partnerships for the good of the Diocese and the communities of North East England and to contribute to Durham's flourishing and significance.

5. Buildings, Treasures and Environment
We conserve, develop and interpret our buildings, environment and historic collections, while respecting the Church as a place of prayer.

6. Finance and Stewardship
We steward our resources prudently, generously and ethically to sustain our activities and provide extensive public benefit.