The Cathedral’s values statement exists to guide us in recognising how we fulfil our vocation as a Cathedral.

It highlights the necessity of working in ways that are motivated by wisdom, responsibility, ethics, and above all, the Christian faith which it is our purpose to proclaim and live out. It reflects the qualities we believe are essential to our life and work as a 21st-century cathedral.

In all things, we are inspired, motivated and challenged by the Christian faith and the values of the Gospel.

We recognise and respond to God’s presence in our world and among us, practising a reflective approach to what we do.

We recognise the image of God in all human beings, honour their dignity and treat them with courtesy.

We deal fairly in our personal and collective behaviours, work to the highest ethical standards, and are honest in our speech and behaviour. We think, speak and act with integrity, are professional in our conduct, and are publicly accountable for our actions.

We are a community founded on trust that prizes team working and builds partnerships that contribute to the common good.

We are business-like in our corporate life and prudent in our stewardship of resources. We pursue the sustainability of our operations and environment.

We are welcoming and hospitable to all. We show Christian love and care to our guests and who need our help.

We are an outward-facing Cathedral that reaches for the future with energy and courage, and reaches out to our communities in the hope of personal and social transformation. 


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