treble or quadruple your donation this october

This year as part of Grow Your Tenner's annual campaign you will be able to TREBLE or QUADRUPLE your tenners made possible with additional match funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of Foundation 2020.

Give £10 and your donation will be QUADRUPLED = £40

Give £10 per month for 12 months and your donation will be TREBLED = £360

Grow Your Tenner will kick off on Tuesday 17th October at 10am and run until the match funding runs out. This year we will be asking our supporters to consider donating £10 on a monthly basis. Regular donations are hugely important to us, as they help us to stabilise our finances and plan for the future.

During Grow Your Tenner 2017 donors will be able to support Durham Cathedral in two ways:

  • Make a one-time donation and it will be matched up to £10.
  • Set up a monthly donation and after your first six donations, the following six donations will be matched up to £10.

All donations received as part of Grow Your Tenner 2017 will go towards Foundation 2020.