Thinking about making or up-dating your Will?  

During the month of October, Durham Cathedral partners with a number of local solicitors, all of whom kindly agree to waive their usual fee for the preparation of a standard single or joint Will, and instead invite you to make a donation in support of Durham Cathedral.

Make a Will Month aims to make the process of making your first Will, or up-dating your current Will, accessible, easy and stress-free. A solicitor is the most suitable person to help ensure your wishes are recorded properly, and we are delighted to partner with some of Durham City's most well-known firms to help you through this process.

This special promotion is open to everyone, whether you’re buying a house, getting married, starting a new family or simply want to get organised.  The suggested voluntary donation is £80 for a single Will or £130 for a joint Will, all of which goes directly towards Durham Cathedral.

My partner and I were married last year and although we have many legal benefits due to our marriage I wanted the reassurance that should one of us pass away our loved ones will be cared for and no disputes would arise between relatives. It is also important to ensure our funeral wishes are known to each other albeit a sombre prospect.

The idea of Make a Will month promoted by the Cathedral appealed to me as after having shopped around for quotes to make a will, it was surprising that many solicitors fees differed. I also preferred the idea that my money would go to supporting the Cathedral rather than to a solicitor for completing essentially a standard document. The Cathedral is an amazing building both culturally and historically and by using Make a Will Month I am not only benefiting myself but am helping to preserve this treasured place for generations to come.

Helen Coxon

If you would like more information, please contact Sophia Stovall on 0191 374 4055 or email