love durham cathedral?
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Patrons' vital support continues to assist us in keeping the Cathedral free, caring for the Cathedral's buildings, collections, woodlands and riverbanks and much much more. In return Patrons enjoy private events, special opportunities and benefits throughout the year which work to deepen their engagement with the Cathedral and its history, heritage and art.

Please return your form to us by email to or by post: Sophia Stovall, Durham Cathedral, The College, Durham, DH1 3EH. Alternatively you can join at the Visitor Desk inside the Cathedral. Join today and be part of something special.

I'm a relative newcomer into Durham, but as soon as I got here I felt drawn to the Cathedral and once inside found the atmosphere to be welcoming and reverent and at the same time a vibrant place where lots of great things were happening. I often sit around Palace Green and marvel at the thousands of tourists who flock to this iconic building. They all experience the Cathedral in their own personal way, as indeed I do, and leave better for the experience.

Rory, Hild Patron