The Council sits alongside the Chapter and the College of Canons as one of the three principal bodies in the Cathedral’s governance structures.

It meets two or three times a year, usually for a full weekday afternoon. Members are also encouraged to become more actively involved in the life of the Cathedral, and many will serve on other groups and committees in addition to the Council.

The main roles of the Council are:

• To review and advise the Chapter on all aspects of the Cathedral’s work and strategies, requesting reports on progress and providing a structure of accountability within the Cathedral;
• To connect the Cathedral with the wider regional and ecumenical communities;
• To carry out legal functions in relation to considering and receiving the Cathedral’s annual budget, annual report and audited accounts and agreeing any proposals to change the Cathedral Constitution and Statutes.

The Council consists of a Chair appointed by the Bishop, the Dean, two members of Chapter, two members of the College of Canons, a representative of Durham University, three members elected by the regular worshippers in the Cathedral community, and up to a further seven people appointed to ensure that a good range of skills, experience and perspectives are available to aid the Council’s work.