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Central Tower repairs - preserving the Tower for future generations

Why is it closed?

The central, or Cathedral, Tower is currently closed to the public whilst we carry out vital repair and conservation works to the Upper Parapet, inside and outside for the Tower Belfry and the outside of the Lantern. 

The project is part of a major repairs programme to ensure the Cathedral’s buildings are maintained and conserved for this and future generations to enjoy.


What is being worked on?

Stone conservation on the Upper Parapet, inside and outside of Tower Belfry and exterior of the Lantern, undertaken by the Cathedral’s own team of masons.

Other works to be completed include:

  • repairs to roof-coverings and rainwater systems
  • renewal of roof-access decking so that visitors can continue to enjoy the magnificent views of Durham from the Tower.


North West Tower open

You can still experience amazing views if you take our North West Tower Tour.

Key supporters

For their support on this project, we would like to thank: