modern collections 

Particular strengths of the Cathedral's modern collections include publications on the Cathedral itself, classics of Anglican theology, British history, especially major historical records series, (PRO calendars, Rolls series, Surtees Society etc.), 19th-century works on antiquities and archaeology and works about North East England.


The Archdeacon Sharp Library is a modern theology lending Library of approximately 10,000 written titles in English. It is owned by the Lord Crewe Trustees and housed in Durham Cathedral Library. This modern theological library supports clergy who are either serving or retired from service within the dioceses of Durham and Newcastle; those studying for Ordination, Reader ministry and other theological courses; the teaching and research needs of the members of Durham University; and local residents with a general interest in academic theology.

The Cathedral Library works closely with other theological libraries in Durham to coordinate their purchasing policies in order to provide, between them, a comprehensive theological library resource for Durham. If the Cathedral Library does not hold a particular book, the staff may be able to locate it in one of the other Durham theological libraries.

All titles held by the Sharp Library can be accessed through the Durham University Library Catalogue.

Over the past three months, the following titles have been purchased for the Sharp Library:
Markus Muhling (2015) T&T Handbook of Christian Eschatology, Bloomsbury T&T Clark.
Hubert Van Zeller (2015) The Mystery of Suffering: A Spiritual Classic on Trust in Divine Providence, Christian Classics.
Walter Brueggemann (2015) Into Your Hand: Confronting Good Friday, SCM Press.
Maggi Dawn and Barbara Mosse (2015) Reflections for Advent: 30 November-24 December 2015, Church House Publishing.
Zoe Bennett and Christopher Rowland (2016) In A Glass Darkly: The Bible, Reflection and Everyday Life, SCM Press.
Larry Culliford (2015) Much Ado About Something: A Vision of Christian Maturity, SPCK.
David Adam (2016) Icons of Glory: Prayers for Festivals and Major Saints’ Days, Kevin Mayhew.
Catherine G. Lucas (2011) In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening, Findhorn Press.
Nicholas Taylor (2016) Paul on Baptism: Theology, Mission and Ministry in Context, SCM Press.
David Grumett (2016) Material Eucharist, Oxford University Press.
Trokel Brekke (2016) Faithonomics: Religion and the Free Market, Hurst and Company.
David Goodhew (ed.) (2017) Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion: 1980 to the Present, Routledge.
Martyn Percy (2017) The Future Shapes of Anglicanism: Currents, Contours, Charts, Routledge.
Paula Gooder (2015) The Joy of the Gospel: A six-session study course in sharing faith, Church House Publishing.
Bob Mayo (2016) The Parish Handbook, SCM Press.
Steven Croft (2016) The Gift of Leadership: According to the Scriptures, Canterbury Press Norwich.
Jeff Astley (2016) What Do We Believe? Why Does It Matter? SCM Press.
Michael J. Buckley (2016) What Do You Seek? The Questions of Jesus as Challenge and Promise, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Andrew Chandler (2016) George Bell, Bishop of Chichester: Church, State and Resistance in the Age of Dictatorship, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
David Male (2016) How To Pioneer (Even If You Haven’t A Clue), Church House Publishing.
Mark Clavier (2016) Stewards of God’s Delight: Becoming Priests of the New Creation, Cascade Books.
Thomas O’Loughlin (2015) Washing Feet: Imitating the Example of Jesus in the Liturgy Today, Liturgical Press.
Irene Nowell (2017) Wisdom: The Good Life: Wisdom Literature and the Rule of Benedict, Liturgical Press.
Malcolm Duncan (2015) Fleeting Shadows: How Christ Transforms the Darkness, CWR.
Alister McGrath (2016) Enriching Our Vision of Reality: Theology and the Natural Sciences in Dialogue, SPCK.
Hywel Clifford (ed.) (2016) Companion to the Old Testament: Introduction, Interpretation, Application, SCM Press.
Robin Greenwood (2016) Sharing God’s Blessing: How to Renew the Local Church, SPCK.
Robert Knapp (2017) The Dawn of Christianity: People and Gods in a Time of Magic and Miracles, Profile Books.
Daniel O’Leary (2015) The Happiness Habit, Columba Press.
Katy Magdalene Price (2015) I Think It’s God Calling: A Vocation Diary, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Ian Cowley (2015) The Contemplative Minister: Learning to Lead from the Still Centre, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Tom Wright (2016) Advent for Everyone: A Journey Through Matthew, SPCK.
Lucy Moore (2016) Messy Hospitality: Changing Communities Through Fun, Food, Friendship and Faith, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Ian J. Shaw (2016) Christianity, the Biography: Two Thousand Years of the Global Church, InterVarsity Press.
Philip McCosker and Denys Turner (eds.) (2016) The Cambridge Companion to the Summa Theologiae, Cambridge University Press.
Amy-Jill Levine (2014) Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi, HarperOne.
Andrew Robinson (2014) Traces of the Trinity: Signs, Sacraments and Sharing God’s Life, James Clarke and Co.
Sean Oliver-Dee (2015) God’s Unwelcome Recovery: Why The Establishment Wants to Proclaim the Death of Faith, Monarch Books.
Thomas Romer (2013) Dark God: Cruelty, Sex and Violence in the Old Testament, Paulist Press.
John Guy (2017) Thomas More: A Very Brief History, SPCK.
Robert H. Gundry (2015) Peter: False Disciple and Apostate According to Saint Matthew, William B. Eerdmans.
Tom Wright (2016) The Day the Revolution Began: Rethinking the Meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion, SPCK.
Harvey Cox (2016) The Market as God, Harvard University Press.
Linda Parker (2015) Shellshocked Prophets: Former Anglican Army Chaplains in Inter-War Britain, Helion and Co.
Kathryn Greene-McCreight (2015) I Am With You: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2016, Bloomsbury.
Mark Bradford (2016) Encountering the Risen Christ: From Easter to Pentecost: the message of the Resurrection and how it can change us, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Andrew Rumsey (2017) Parish: An Anglican Theology of Place, SCM Press.
N.T. Wright (2015) Paul and his Recent Interpreters: Some Contemporary Debates, SPCK.
Harvey Cox (2015) How To Read The Bible, HarperOne.
Ellen F. Davis (2016) Preaching the Luminous Word: Biblical Sermons and Homiletical Essays, William B. Eerdmans.
Rowan Williams (2015) Meeting God in Paul, SPCK.
Michael Harvey (2015) Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church, Monarch Books.
Sarah Coakley (2015) The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God, Bloomsbury.
Barbara Brown Taylor (2016) The Seeds of Heaven: Preaching the Gospel of Matthew, Canterbury Press Norwich.
Michael Perham (2016) The Way of Christ-Likeness: Being Transformed by the Liturgies of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, Canterbury Press Norwich.
Sally Buck, Graham Dodds and Phillip Tovey (2016) Instruments of Christ’s Love: The Ministry of Readers, SCM Press.
David Hutchings and Tom McLeish (2017) Let There Be Science: Why God Loves Science, and Science Needs God, Lion Hudson.
Lucinda Mosher and David Marshall (eds.) (2015) The Community of Believers: Christian and Muslim Perspectives, Georgetown University Press.
Lorraine Cavanagh (2017) Waiting on the Word: Preaching Sermons That Connect People With God, Darton, Longman and Todd.
Lucinda Mosher and David Marshall (eds.) (2016) Sin, Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Christian and Muslim Perspectives, Georgetown University Press.
Lewis Glinert (2017) The Story of Hebrew, Princeton University Press.
Finbarr Lynch (2016) When You Can’t Pray, Messenger Publications.
John Twisleton (2017) Experiencing Christ’s Love: Establishing A Life of Worship, Prayer, Study, Service and Reflection, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Marcus Nodder (2014) Why Did Jesus Have To Die? And Other Questions About the Cross of Christ and Its Meaning for Us Today, the Good Book Company.
John Morris (2016) Suffering: If God Exists, Why Doesn’t He Stop It? Circle Books.
James D.G. Dunn (2016) Who Was Jesus? A Little Book of Guidance, SPCK.
Paula Gooder (2016) Let Me Go There: The Spirit of Lent, Canterbury Press Norwich.
Jessica Martin and Sarah Coakley (eds.) (2016) For God’s Sake: Re-Imagining Priesthood and Prayer in a Changing Church, Canterbury Press Norwich.
David Hoyle (2016) The Pattern of Our Calling: Ministry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, SCM Press.
J. Gordon McConville (2016) Being Human in God’s World: An Old Testament Theology of Humanity, Baker Academic.
John Swinton (2017) Becoming Friends of Time: Disability, Timefullness, and Gentle Discipleship, SCM Press.
Paul Bradbury (2016) Stepping Into Grace: Moving Beyond Ambition to Contemplative Mission, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Peter Stanford (2017) Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident, Hodder and Stoughton.
Diarmaid MacCulloch (2016) All Things Made New: Writings on the Reformation, Penguin Random House.
John Barton (ed.) (2016) The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, Princeton University Press.
William Loader (2017) Jesus in John’s Gospel: Structure and Issues in Johannine Christology, William B. Eerdmans.
Ephraim Radner (2016) Time and The Word: Figural Reading of the Christian Scriptures, William B. Eerdmans.
David Heywood (2017) Kingdom Learning, SCM Press.
Simon Oliver (2017) Creation: A Guide for the Perplexed, Bloomsbury T&T Clark.
Martyn Payne (2017) Messy Parables: 25 Retellings for All Ages, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Ian Paul (ed.) (2017) Being Messy, Being Church: Exploring the Direction of Travel for Today’s Church, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Marcus Borg (2017) Days of Awe and Wonder: How To Be A Christian in the Twenty-First Century, SPCK.
Keith Ward (2017) Love Is His Meaning: Understanding the Teaching of Jesus, SPCK.
Robin Daniels (2016) The Virgin Eye: Towards A Contemplative View of Life, Instant Apostle.
Ian Black (2017) Follow Me: Living the Sayings of Jesus, Sacristy Press.
Peter K. Stevenson (2017) Preaching, SCM Press.
Barbara Brown Taylor (2017) The Luminous Web: Faith, Science and the Experience of Wonder, Canterbury Press Norwich.
Katharine Dell (2017) Who Needs The Old Testament? Its Enduring Appeal and Why The New Atheists Don’t Get It, SPCK.
Michael J. Gorman (ed.) (2017) Scripture and its Interpretation: A Global, Ecumenical Introduction to the Bible, Baker Academic.
Daniel L. Dreisbach (2017) Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers, Oxford University Press.
Brad S. Gregory (2012) The Unintended Reformation: How A Religious Revolution Secularized Society, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.
Moshe Halbertal and Stephen Holmes (2017) The Beginning of Politics: Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel, Princeton University Press.
Daily Prayer for All Seasons: A Contemporary Benedictine Prayer Companion (2016), Canterbury Press Norwich.
Theo Hobson (2017) God Created Humanism: The Christian Basis of Secular Values, SPCK.
Victoria Slater (2015) Chaplaincy Ministry and the Mission of the Church, SCM Press.
James D.G. Dunn (2016) Why Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection? A Little Book of Guidance, SPCK.
Mark A. Smith (2015) Secular Faith: How Culture Has Trumped Religion in American Politics, University of Chicago Press.
Samuel Moyn (2015) Christian Human Rights, University of Pennsylvania Press.
David Zaslow, with Joseph A. Lieberman (2015) Jesus: First-Century Rabbi, Paraclete Press.
David Ceri Jones (2015) The Fire Divine: An Introduction to the Evangelical Revival, Inter-Varsity Press.
Catherine Cowell and Sean Kennedy (2015) Church Uncorked: Leadership That Releases Our Potential, Instant Apostle.
Richard Rohr, with Mike Morrell (2016) The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation, SPCK.
Tom Wright (2017) Advent for Everyone: A Journey with the Apostles, SPCK.
Fay Sampson (2017) Prayers for Dementia: And How To Live Well With It, Darton, Longman and Todd.
Roger Bretherton, Joanna Collicutt and Jennifer Brickman (2016) Being Mindful, Being Christian: A Guide to Mindful Discipleship, Monarch Books.
Justo L. Gonzalez (2017) A Brief History of Sunday: From the New Testament to the New Creation, William B. Eerdmans.
David Martin (2016) Ruin and Restoration: On Violence, Liturgy and Reconciliation, Routledge.
Graham Turner (2012) The Power of Silence: The Riches That Lie Within, Bloomsbury.
Steven D. Boyer and Christopher A. Hall (2012) The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable, BakerAcademic.
Joseph Yacoub; translated by James Ferguson (2016) Year of the Sword: The Assyrian Christian Genocide, A History, Hurst and Company.
Stephen Platten (ed.) (2017) Oneness: The Dynamics of Monasticism, SCM Press.
Michael J. Gorman (2015) Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission, William B. Eerdmans.
Russell Stannard (2017) The Divine Imprint: Finding God in the Human Mind, SPCK.
Raymond F. Collins (2017) Wealth, Wages and the Wealthy: New Testament Insight for Preachers and Teachers, Liturgical Press.
Marion L.S. Carson (2017) Human Trafficking, the Bible and the Church: an Interdisciplinary Study, SCM Press.
Stephen Greenblatt (2017) The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve, The Bodley Head.
Steven Weitzman (2017) The Origin of the Jews: The Quest for Roots in a Rootless Age, Princeton University Press.
Paul Keeble (2017) Mission-With: Something Out Of The Ordinary, Instant Apostle.
Aaron W. Hughes and Russell T. McCutcheon (eds.) (2017) Religion in 5 Minutes, Equinox Publishing.
Chad Meister and Paul K. Moser (2017) The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil, Cambridge University Press.
Walter Brueggemann (2017) God, Neighbour, Empire: The Excess of Divine Fidelity and the Command of Common Good, SCM Press.
Michael Ford (2016) Becoming the Presence of God: Contemplative Ministry for Everybody, Columba Press.
Patrick Whitworth (2017) Constantinople to Chalcedon: Shaping the World To Come, Sacristy Press.
Anthony C. Thiselton (2017) Doubt, Faith & Certainty, William B. Eerdmans.
Peter Madsen Gubi (ed.) (2017) What Counsellors and Spiritual Directors Can Learn From Each Other: Ethical Practice, Training and Supervision, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
William T. Cavanaugh and James K.A. Smith (eds.) (2017) Evolution and the Fall, William B. Eerdmans.
John Goldingay (2017) Reading Jesus’s Bible: How the New Testament Helps Us Understand the Old Testament, William B. Eerdmans.
Graham Turner (2017) That Other Voice: In Search of a God Who Speaks, Darton, Longman and Todd.
Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh, Sigrid Coenradie and Bert Dicou (2017) Re-Imagining the Bible for Today, SCM Press.
Graham Reeves (2017) Two Other Men: Lessons From the Thieves in the Crucifixion Narrative of St. Luke, Instant Apostle.
Prayers to See You Through Each Day: A Special Selection from BBC Radio 4’s Prayer for the Day (2017), Watkins.
Joanna Collicutt (2017) Thinking of You: A Resource for the Spiritual Care of People with Dementia, Bible Reading Fellowship.
Peter Marshall (2017) Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation, Yale University Press.