Our programme of walks and events are designed to help you learn more about the ‘hidden’ stories of the Woodlands and Riverbanks.

There are several 'green exercise' events each year, where you can get fit whilst helping the project and there are a number of opportunities to volunteer or learn a new skill.  There is also a programme of guided walks on a variety of topics including birds, fungi, and the history of Durham City.   

Others events include storytelling, wildlife craft days, bird and bat box building, activity days for families, and health walks.  

If you prefer to explore on your own, we're developing a series of self-guided trails and installing interpretation panels at six new viewpoints.

Seasonal Activity Trails

Why not experience the beauty of the Durham Cathedral woodlands and riverbanks with one of our seasonal activity trails?  Perfect for families who want to explore the great outdoors. 

Spring Activity Trail

Summer Activity Trail

Autumn Activity Trail

Winter Activity Trail 


Orienteering is a sport in which competitors navigate their way at their own pace between features marked on a special coloured map. In the woodlands and riverbanks that surround the cathedral, there is a permanent course, with four variations(1a-d), plus a more difficult course (2). The course is suitable for families, groups and schools.

Course 1a

Course 1b

Course 1c

Course 1d

Course 2

Map Score

Woodland Snap (featuring photos by the Dean!)

This is the Woodlands and Riverbanks version of the classic children’s game of snap. One of our Project Officers worked closely with children from Aycliffe Village Primary School to research the trees, plants and animals found here. Cards feature a selection of the Dean’s photographs together with a fact the children found interesting. The back of the cards feature the Cuthbert Cross and are all the same so the cards can also be used to play a memory game.

To make your pack of cards:
- Print page1 with b side on the back x 6 copies
- Print page2 with b side on the back x 6 copies
- Print page3 with b side on the back x 1 copy
- Print either on card or laminate the cards to make them last longer!

Woodland Snap B
Woodland Snap page 1
Woodland Snap page 2
Woodland Snap page 3