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Junior Organ Scholar

The duties of the Junior Organ Scholar are to assist the Organist, Sub-Organist and Senior Organ Scholar in the performance of their duties.  Duties are tailored by mutual agreement to meet the capacity and experience of the Junior Organ Scholar.  The Junior Organ Scholar is also expected to take a part in the training of the probationer Choristers, supervise chorister theory, and to take a share of service playing.  He or she may (dependent on ability) have the opportunity of taking practices with the choristers, the Lay Clerks and Choral Scholars, or the full choir; and on occasion of directing the choir in services.  He or she will also be asked to play for special services in the cathedral and to undertake some administrative tasks in the running of the music; and he or she will also be expected to observe at Chorister choir practices, in the role of a second adult; and to assist and observe in the organ-loft, so as to gain experience.


While there is no specific requirement relating to Church membership, it is nevertheless expected that the Junior Organ Scholar will be in sympathy with the worship and mission of the cathedral and will want to identify with the common life of the community.