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Downloadable resources and activities to enjoy at home


Durham Cathedral has a busy learning programme that welcomes more than 16,000 school children to the cathedral.  We also welcome a significant number of families, particulary during school holidays. We know you can't come right now as we all stay at home and stay safe.  

We will be posting activities here to use whilst you are at home.  Some will simply be something fun to do, others will tie in with the national cirriculum and others can be used as family worship activities connected to the cathedral's Sunday 11.15 Eucharist service. 

We hope you enjoy them.  If you have any suggestions or would like to contact a member of the cathedral's learning team, please contact

Downloadable children's trail


Use our trail as you visit the cathedral to find out even more about our amazing building. Count the patterns on the pillars, find out about the priors, or draw what you see on the font.


Download the trail here

Make your own Viking oatcakes

Get creative at home!

Use your ears and make a sound card

Birds, bees, rustling trees? Open a window and take time to listen to what you can hear, then draw or paint the things that are making the sounds you hear! Suitable for all ages. Downloadable instructions - How to make a sound card

Viking oat cakes

These nutritious treats are very easy to make, but remember that the Vikings would have needed to grow or trade for their ingredients before they could start baking! Downloadable instructions - How to make viking oatcakes

Anglo-Saxon bread

You can use any kind of flour for this simple recipe. The people making bread over 1000 years ago would have used flour that was much more coarse than the smooth flour we use today. Downloadable instructions - How to make Anglo-Saxon bread

The Story of St Cuthbert - key stage 1


Discover the story of this great northern saint using Key Stage 1 resources for Religious Education. Click here to download 

Enjoy this video telling the Story of St Cuthbert in those honour Durham Cathedral was built.

image ©Sam Church


Vikings - key stage 2


Learn about Vikings with this key stage 2 activity.  Write your name using the Viking runic alphabet and bake Viking oat cakes. Click here to download

Worship resources for children

Discover online resources for use at home specifically for parents and carers to use with children.  Each week they will be linked to the liturgy used in the Sunday 11.15am online Eucharist or other relevant themes.

On Sunday 15 November we talk about sharing the new of God's love with others, and make 'Sharing Hearts'. Click here to download. 

On Sunday 1 November, All Saints Day, we read the Beatitudes and think about what it means to be a saint. Lots of saints lives are remembered in stained glass windows at Durham Cathedral, so we make our own stained glass window! Click here to download the activity.

On Sunday 25 October we think about loving God, and make a folding paper card to share God's love with others. Click here to download.

On Sunday 18 October our reading is 'the mission of the seventy' from St Luke's Gospel. We make a hanging peace dove and consider how we can help spread peace and the word of God. Click here to download.

On Sunday 11 October we read the parable of the wedding banquet, make a crown and think about how God asks us to believe in him. Click here to download.

On Sunday 4 October we think about how God forgives our mistakes, and how we all have a chance to turn over a new leaf. This week's autumnal activity is making a leaf wreath. Click here to download.

On Sunday 20 September we think about fairness and talk about the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard, and make growing paint. Click here to download.

On Sunday 6 September we focus on our friends and make Frienship Bracelets. Click here to download instructions. 

On Sunday 16 August we talk about faith and make Stencil 'Faith' Bunting. Click here to download.

On Sunday 9 August we look at the miracle of Jesus walking on water and make paper boats. Click here to download

On Sunday 2 August we look at the feeding of the 5000, and make paper woven fish. Click here to download

On Sunday 26 July we look at the Parable of the Yeast and explore how we can grow as people if we listen to the Word of God. Click here to download

On Sunday 19 July we continue our look at parables and create a Wheat and Weed weaving. Click here to download.

On Sunday 12 July we grow our own citrus tree and create decorated paper plant pots, all based around the parable of the sower. Click here to download. 

On Sunday 5 July we look at how easy it is to make assumptions about others, and make a Prayer Jar. Click here to download

On Sunday 28 June we look at how we can welcome others and make Waving Welcome Signs.  Click here to download. 

On Sunday 21 June we learn about how we are unique and special to God, and make a beautiful Dove & Rainbow mobile. Click here to download

On Sunday 14 June we look at how we can help family and neighbours, and make Salt Dough Kind Words and Deeds. Click here to download.

On Sunday 7 June (Trinity Sunday) we look at how we can spread the good news of Jesus, and make Growing Rainbows. Click here to download

On Sunday 31 May learn about Pentecost and make Pentecost Flames. Click here to download. 

On Sunday 24 May create a prayer pebble and learn about the act of giving. Click here to download.

On Sunday 17 May learn about how God wants us to care for others, and plant a seed to pass on. Click here to download. 

What does it mean to speak to God? For Sunday 10 May create a prayer spiral and learn about how to pray. Click here to download. 

What does it mean to follow the teachings of Jesus? For Sunday 3 May, create a flock of sheep and learn about being a good shepherd. Click here to download.

What does it mean to have something revealed. For Sunday 26 April, create folding flowers that reveal themselves when placed in water. Click here to download. Watch this video to see what happens.

For Sunday 19 April, known as the Second Sunday of Easter, create a good news dove and what it means to share the message of Jesus. Click here to download.

For Good Friday on 10 April, learn about the cruxification and create a cross to place on your window.  Click here to download.  

For Holy Week, learn the Easter Story by making an Easter Garden.  Click here to download.

Sunday 5 April is Palm Sunday.  Learn about Jesus arriving in Jersulem on a donkey and enjoy a craft activity. Click here to download. 

Sunday 29 March - the story of Lazurus. Click here to download.