A Place of Worship-signs and symbols

The Cathedral is such a big building that people often forget that it is, first and foremost a church! Our tour explains what all the different “bits” of the Cathedral are for. Get the answers to questions such as “What’s that big table up at the top end?” and help your children to develop an awareness of the sacraments.

You may even turn one of them into a bishop for a few minutes! The tour is complemented by a brief hands-on session in The Education Centre. This will focus on 2 of the sacraments: baptism and communion. Children will be able to role-play a baptism and set up an altar table as it would be for communion in the Cathedral. Lasts approximately 1½ hours.

Stories of St Cuthbert

Find out about St. Cuthbert’s life as a monk and as a bishop. Learn all about his care for the world around him.

An interactive tour of the Cathedral will give your children an understanding of who Cuthbert was and why this great Cathedral was built to house his remains. Hands-on activities in The Education Centre will help the children explore certain aspects of Cuthbert’s life and have some time for reflection.

This is a full day’s programme of activities and is suitable for a maximum of 60 children. Supports work in RE for AT1 and AT2.


Come and have a taste of what life was like in medieval times! Find out about daily life, clothing, expectations and influences and handle original and reproduction artefacts. Then join in with a choice of hands-on activities, including food and cookery, games and dancing, coin striking, painting techniques or script writing. This can be offered as a half-day or full day workshop. Supports the History curriculum. 


Borrow one of our crates and explore the many windows, sculptures and carvings.  The crate contains everything you need to get creative in the Cathedral and you can choose from one of our customised crates such as Amazing Angels, Stunning Stained Glass or Gruesome Grotesques – or mix a bit of everything in and we’ll tailor a crate especially for you.  The crates are suitable for teacher-led time in the Cathedral.

To book contact education@durhamcathedral.co.uk