Cuthbert in the outdoors

Did you know that Cuthbert was one of , if not the first, conservationist?  Reflect on his life and love of nature in our outdoor woodland classroom.  Includes storytelling, drama, sensory activities and much more!  

Designed to complement 'Stories of Saint Cuthbert' as a full day visit. Also, why not follow up your visit with an outreach session such as 'Wildlife in your school grounds', see the Outreach page on tis website for more details.

outdoor experience

Explore the woodlands and riverbanks that surround the Cathedral. Learn about plants, seed dispersal, life cycles, animals, habitats and food chains through a range of environmental games and activities. We will also consider to human impact on the environment. Visits can be adapted to support the work the children are completing at school.

Full or half day sessions available.


terrific trees

Explore the woodlands that surround the Cathedral. Learn about the importance of trees and their use in our daily life. Study types of trees as well as how to measure and age them. Learn about their seed dispersal, animals and habitats through a series of environmental games and activities.


Children will explore colour, patterns and textures in the environment surrounding the Cathedral.  They will use their senses to listen and draw woodland sounds.  Your students will use natural materials to create their own work of art.  

New for 2016, this activity is available in our new woodland classroom

Science Surveys

Children will investigate what plants and animals can be found on the woodlands and riverbanks.  They will use identification charts and survey equipment and then record their findings on charts. Once surveys are complete they will discuss different habitats and seasonal variations.


outdoor Geography

An outdoor geography adventure in the Cathedral's woodlands and riverbanks.
Children draw a map with landmark features and look at old maps to consider why the Cathedral was built where it is. They will also consider the changing weather throughout the time the Cathedral has stood on this site.

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