This self-guided tour allows your students to discover and ‘read’ the architecture of Durham Cathedral. You will be provided with a special set of pupil workbooks and teachers’ notes to help students see and understand the three main architectural styles used in the building of this great building.

Teacher-led trail, lasts approximately 40 minutes. Can be used as a stand alone activity or in addition to a tour/workshop.

Christianity through art

An opportunity to explore the way Christianity is expressed through art in the Cathedral. Each piece of art work has something for you and your students to discover.

This is available as either a guided tour or as a self-guided workbook.

The workbook provides information and a map reference number so you can find where to go, allowing small groups to work in different parts of the Cathedral at the same time. It is a chance to see how stories from the bible are expressed through carvings, paintings, stonework and stained glass.


We can tailor tours and workshops to your specific requirements, please contact us to discuss with a member of the Education Team.


Join us at the Cathedral and take a trip back to the early 20th century. Learn what it was like to be at the Battle of the Somme by listening to the stories, poems and letters of the soldiers who were there. Students will work in small groups on a task that will allow them to meet some of the local characters involved and find out how the war affected them and the families and friends they left behind. Students will then take on the role of a solider and create a piece of writing that describes how they feel about the War and their part in it, to help them with this you will have the opportunity to handle original WW1 artefacts and visit the DL1 Chapel. You will leave the session with a greater understanding of the War and those who were there. 


We developed this hands on session in collaboration with Northern Architecture.  It allows students to use the architecture of the Cathedral to solve maths problems and looks at, amongst other problems , ratio, measuring, estimating and geometrical properties.  Each student will receive a full colour workbook to take away.


Orienteering is a sport in which competitors navigate their way at their own pace between features marked on a special coloured map. In the woodlands and riverbanks that surround the cathedral, there is a permanent course, with four variations(1a-d), plus a more difficult course (2). The course is suitable for families, groups and schools.


It’s 995 , on your quest to find a resting place for Cuthbert’s remains, you have finally arrived in Durham. Have you got the aptitude to deal with some of the difficulties the monks might have encountered. This series of challenges combines team building, problem solving, survival skills, orienteering and trust. The activity is a great opportunity to develop team building at the start of the academic year.  It can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Come and have a taste of what life was like in medieval times! Find out about daily life, clothing, expectations and influences and handle original and reproduction artefacts. Then join in with a choice of hands-on activities, including food and cookery, games and dancing, coin striking, painting techniques or script writing. This can be offered as a half-day or full day workshop. Supports the History curriculum.
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