Modern Collections 

Particular strengths of the Cathedral's own modern collections include publications on the Cathedral itself, classics of Anglican theology, British history, especially major historical records series (PRO calendars, Rolls series, Surtees Society etc.), 19th-century works on antiquities and archaeology and works about North East England.

The Archdeacon Sharp Library is a modern theology lending library of about 10,000 titles in English. It is owned by the Lord Crewe Trustees and housed in Durham Cathedral Library. This modern theological library supports clergy who are either serving or retired from service within the dioceses of Durham and Newcastle; those studying for Ordination, Reader ministry and other theological courses; the teaching and research needs of the members of Durham University; and local residents with a general interest in academic theology. 
The Cathedral Library works closely with other theological libraries in Durham to coordinate their purchasing policies in order to provide, between them, a comprehensive theological library resource to Durham. If the Cathedral Library does not hold a particular book, the staff may be able to locate it in one of the other Durham theological libraries.

All titles held by the Sharp Library can be accessed through the Durham University Library Catalogue.

Over the past three months, the following titles have been acquired for the Sharp Library:

Martyn J. Whittock and Esther Whittock; Christ, the First 2000 Years: From Holy Man to Global Brand: How Our View of Christ Has Changed Across Time and Cultures (2016)

Martin J. Hodson & Margot R. Hodson; A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues (2015)

Alister McGrath; Inventing the Universe: Why We Can't Stop Talking About Science, Faith and God (2015)

Tim Lomax; Creating Missional Worship: Fusing Context and Tradition (2015)

Rupert Shortt; God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity (2016)

Simon Martin; Resourcing Rural Ministry: Practical Insights for Mission (2015)

Hilary Russell; A Faithful Presence: Working Together for the Common Good (2015)

Richard Bauckham; The Bible in the Contemporary World (2016)

Steve Aisthorpe; The Invisible Church: Learning from the Experiences of Churchless Christians (2016)

Mark Ireland & Mike Booker; Making New Disciples: Exploring the paradoxes of evangelism (2015)

Samuel Wells; A Nazareth Manifesto: Being with God (2015)

Magdalen Smith; Fragile Mystics: Reclaiming a prayerful life (2015)

Ruth Valerio; Just Living: Faith and Community in an Age of Consumerism (2016)

Miroslav Volf; Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World (2015)

Rowan Williams; On Augustine (2016)

John Shelby Spong; Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy (2016)

Graham Ward; Unbelievable: Why We Believe and Why We Don't (2014)

James D. G. Dunn; Beginnning from Jerusalem: Christianity in the Making Volume 2 (2009)

James D. G. Dunn; Neither Jew Nor Greek: A Contested Identity: Christianity in the Making Volume 3 (2015)

Helen K. Bond and Larry W. Hurtado (ed.); Peter in Early Christianity (2015)

Stanley E. Porter; John, His Gospels and Jesus: In Pursuit of the Johannine Voice (2015)

Christina Beardsley and Michelle O'Brien (ed); This is my Body: Hearing the Theology of Transgender Christians (2015)

Craig Hovey and Elizabeth Phillips (ed.); Christian Political Theology (2015)

Robert W. Wall and David R. Nienhuis; A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible: Learning to Read Scripture’s Story (2015)

Matthew Richard Schlimm; This Strange and Sacred Scripture: Wrestling with the Old Testament and Its Oddities (2015)

Stephen L. Cook; Reading Deuteronomy: a literary and theological commentary (2015)

M. T. Wright; The Paul Debate: Critical Questions for Understanding the Apostle (2016)

Anthony C. Thiselton; Discovering Romans: Content, interpretation, reception (2016)

Rowan Williams; What is Christianity? (2015)  

Christopher Ben Simpson; Modern Christian Theology (2016)

Brant Pitre; Jesus and the Last Supper (2015)

Fleming Rutledge; The Crucixion: Understanding the death of Jesus (2015)

Peter Tyler; The Pursuit of the Soul: Pschoanalysis, Soul-making and the Christian Tradition (2016)

Ronald Rolheiser; The Passion and the Cross (2015)

Jurgen Moltmann; The living God and the Fullness of Life (2016) 

Jane Leadbetter; Messy Prayer: Developing the Prayer Life of Your Messy Church (2015)

Robin Gill; Why does God allow Suffering? (2015)

Barbara Taylor Brown; Mixed blessings: Being the People of God (2015)

Nigel Walter and Andrew Mottram; Buildings for Mission: A Complete Guide to the Care, Conservation and Development of Churches (2015)

Alister McGrath; Why are we Here? (2015)

Phillipe Buc; Holy War, Martyrdom, and Terror: Christianity, Violence and the West, ca. 70 C.E. to the Iraq War (2015)

Andrew Atherstone & Andrew Goddard; Good Disagreement? Grace and Truth in a Divided Church (2015)

John R. Tyson; The Way of the Wesleys: A Short Introduction (2014)