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The Woodlands and Riverbanks are a great outdoor learning resource in the heart of the city

What we offer

We provide formal and informal outdoor learning opportunities for schools, university students and adult learners on a range of topics.

A rich heritage

The history of our riverbanks is fascinating, with many unusual buildings. Find out more in Heritage – Woodlands and Riverbanks

Outdoor school visits

School visits include:

  • Outdoor Maths
  • Environmental Art
  • Science Surveys
  • Woodland Words
  • Geology Rocks
  • Historic Durham
  • Practical Geography
  • Materials and the Environment

Half and half

Many schools split their visit allowing them half of their day inside the Cathedral and half outside. Activities can be tailored to meet individual needs and learning objectives. We can even take a selection of our activities into schools as part of our outreach program.   

Forest School

A Forest School session is a great way to balance indoor and outdoor learning.

Find out more

Please contact us on 0191 3744070 or email