welcome to the new home of the treasures of st cuthbert!

The fourteenth-century Great Kitchen is one of only two intact surviving medieval monastic kitchens in England, with a distinctive octagonal shape and a high rib-vaulted ceiling.  This spectacular space has now been transformed into a permanent home for The Treasures of St Cuthbert, some of the most significant surviving Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the UK. 

This outstanding collection includes St Cuthbert's preserved wooden coffin and his exquisite gold and garnet pectoral cross. Also on display are the ivory comb and portable altar buried alongside St Cuthbert, Anglo-Saxon vestments gifted to his Shrine, and the original Sanctuary Ring.

Watch Dr Janina Ramirez explore Open Treasure, including the spectacular Great Kitchen, and book your Open Treasure experience here.

History of the Great Kitchen

The kitchen’s scale reflects the size of the community that would have been resident at the Cathedral at the time of its construction. The space was used as a kitchen until the mid-1940s!