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Our ears and hearts are open to everyone during these turbulent times, especially to those who want to talk about something that is troubling them or are feeling lonely.

Connecting with Durham Cathedral

We're aware that the coronavirus pandemic may have a significant impact on our community, especially during this period when Durham Cathedral is closed and many may feel anxious or distressed. To help our local congregation and our online audience across the world feel part of the cathedral's community we're continuing to develop online worship resources, including daily livestreams and downloadable resources for private prayer.

Find our online worship resources here.

How we can support you

Please know that there will always be someone from the cathedral to lend a listening ear. If you'd like to talk to someone:

Just want to pray but not sure how?

There is no right or wrong way. If you're looking for a place to start, you may find our How to pray suggestions useful.

Helpful information about places to turn

We can provide information about organisations who can offer specialist support for people seeking pastoral care. Contact Michael Everitt using the details on this page.

Worried about a child or vulnerable adult?

Please take a look at our Safeguarding concerns page.