Saturday 18 March, 11.15am & 3.00pm, The Shrine of St Cuthbert 


Every day the Cathedral community offers prayers in honour of St Cuthbert at his shrine.  Join us in prayer as we celebrate his saints day. 


Saturday 18 March, 2.15pm, The West End of the Cathedral and the Shrine of St Cuthbert



The annual walk in honour of St Cuthbert, organised by the Northumbrian Association, arrives at the Cathedral at 2.15pm.  The walkers and the St Cuthbert Banner, which is carried in procession from the Market Place in Durham, are welcomed at the West End.  There is then a procession to the Shrine of St Cuthbert, where prayers are offered in his honour, as the culmination of the walk.  

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Saturday 18 March, 5.15pm

SPECIAL SERVICE – sung eucharist for st cuthbert's saturday

Durham Cathedral Choir is joined by Newcastle Cathedral Choir to honour our Northern Saint. The service concludes with a pilgrimage to the Feretory, the Shrine of St Cuthbert. Incense is used during this service.

Monday 20 March, 7.00pm

SPECIAL SERVICE – St Cuthbert's day festal evensong and procession

A joyous commemoration of the life of St Cuthbert, that includes the Lucernarium (the blessing of the light), and the offering of incense. It concludes with a pilgrimage to the Feretory, the Shrine of St Cuthbert, where the Cathedral Choir will sing Ikon of St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, by John Tavener, written specially for Durham Cathedral.