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Have a family adventure exploring the cathedral and then let off steam in the woodlands and along the riverbanks.

Calling all wizarding fans

Join us to celebrate 20 years as a Harry Potter filming location. Don your wizarding house colours and robes to explore some of Durham Cathedral's famous filming locations. Get a selfie in the cloisters and see if you can position yourself where the magic took place.


Be an outdoor explorer

Wrap up warm to explore the woodland paths and riverside trails around the cathedral. Take a look at the Woodlands and Riverbanks page for walking routes and more information.

Light a candle

Some people like to light a candle as a sign of prayer which continues to burn after they have left the cathedral. If you like, you can write your prayer on a piece of paper and leave it in the basket. We will then read out your prayer at tomorrow’s service.


Take a Museum tour

Go behind-the-scenes to hear over 1000 years of stories from the cathedral's history. See hidden spaces like the Great Kitchen and the Chapter House, which is famous as a Harry Potter filming location. Led by a specially-trained guide, tours last 1 hour 30 minutes, with plenty of time to ask questions. Book tickets online here.


Stop to refuel

If you’ve worked up a hunger exploring, grab a bite to eat in the Undercroft Restaurant. Chose from light lunch options, sweet treats, and a range of hot and cold drinks to round off your family adventure.


Don't forget to look up...

Take some time and see what you can find when looking up at the vaulted ceilings, the pillars, colourful stained glass windows, the font and Prior Castell’s Clock. The most amazing things to see in the cathedral are often up high above your head. Prepare to surprise your eyes with 'wow' moments at every turn.

Make your own paper snake and see it slither

Local artist Ellie Clewlow shows you how to make an origami snake out of folded squares of paper, and how to curl it to make an ammonite, a type of fossil. Have fun learning what you can make using a few folds, and learn the local legend of St Hilda turning snakes to stone!

Ellie Clewlow has been commissioned by Durham Cathedral to make a new artwork, One Small Step, which will be on display in the cathedral from November. The piece is made from 3000 pieces of folded origami and explores the ways in which we learn. It is inspired by human exploration of the moon, the interior of Durham Cathedral, and by the Way of Learning Northern Saints trail.

If you've had fun with this paper folding activity, share your pictures with us on social media.