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Have a family adventure exploring the cathedral and then let off steam in the woodlands and along the riverbanks.

Experience LIGHT

Bathe in moving, coloured light and choral music as you follow in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims. Enter the Galilee Chapel to see LIGHT, an immersive art installation by artist Chris Levine


Be an outdoor explorer

Around the cathedral there are lots of woodland paths and riverside trails to explore. Take a look at the Woodlands and Riverbanks page for more info.

Join a Durham Cathedral Museum tour

This unique behind-the-scenes experience tells the stories of the cathedral and includes hidden spaces like the Chapter House, which is famous as a Harry Potter filming location. Explore the Great Kitchen and the Monks' Dormitory and take a look at the museum collections, such as the remarkable treasures of St Cuthbert.

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Stop to refuel

Pick up a bite to eat in the Undercroft Restaurant or bring your own picnic to enjoy in the Monks Garden. Little ones can get some fresh air while the grown ups can relax with a hot drink or a sweet treat.


Dont forget to look up...

The most amazing things to see in the cathedral are often up high. Take some time and see what you can find when looking up at the roof, the pillars, the font and Prior Castell’s Clock.

Video: The story behind Durham Cathedral in LEGO

Our LEGO cathedral, measuring 3.84m x 1.53m, took three years to build (2013-16) and consists of 300,000 bricks, comprising 520 modules.

At the time, it was the largest LEGO model ever built by the general public and every brick was sold for £1, in support of the transformation of our museum.

Watch this video, explaining why we started building the model, who was involved, and how it grew!