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What's On

Concert by Community of St Aidan & Hilda (11.08)

Sunday 11 August at 7:00 PM

An evening interview with Andy Raine and Anna Raine, with music from Anna Raine. This concert is part of the Celtic Summer School week in Durham organised by The Community of Aidan & Hilda, a globally dispersed Celtic New Monastic Community.

The whole summer school is a week of teaching on Celtic Christianity, both historical as well as modern appropriations of it. Speakers include numerous authors on Celtic Christianity including Dr Ian Bradely, Rev Ray Simpson, Kenneth R McIntish, & David Cole, as well as pioneer ministers involved in Celtic inspired ministries including Greg Valerio, Ash Barker, and Simon Reed, plus Celtic art workshops led by Mary Fleeson of Lindisfarne Scriptorium, and an evening with Andy and Anna Raine of the Northumbria Community.

More information coming soon...