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The Great Durham Pudding Club

Friday 3 May at 6:30 PM
Undercroft Restaurant
The second serving of the Durham Pudding Club is an evening filled with delicious delicacies and hearty favourites - a treat whether you’re a sweet-toothed pudding fanatic or curious to try something new. Click see more to explore the full menu!

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Photography competition

Friday 8 March to Friday 12 April
From Friday 8 March photography is allowed inside Durham Cathedral.  For more information see our photography policy page.

To celebrate we’re holding a photography competition! Enter as a #child or #adult in a range of different categories: #sacredspaces #stainedglass #shadowsandsunlight #architecturalwonders 

You’ll be in with a chance of winning a family ticket to Open Treasure for up to two adults and up to three children!

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Feasting and Fasting: The Great Kitchen at Durham Cathedral

Monday 11 February to Saturday 1 June at 12:00 AM

The 14th century Great Kitchen is one of the highlights of the Cathedral's award-winning museum experience, Open Treasure. Today, it houses the Treasures of St Cuthbert, but it has seen many changes over the centuries. This exhibition explores its history, how it was built, and gives an insight into the food and drink that would have been prepared there.

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Undercroft Restaurant exhibition: Stephen Bainbridge

Sunday 10 March to Friday 31 May at 10:00 AM

Stephen has worked with acrylic and watercolour for forty years, and his works reflect a lifelong passion for the days of steam railways. A selling exhibition in the Cathedral's Undercroft Restaurant.

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Spem in Alium - Durham Singers

Saturday 6 April at 7:30 PM

This is music by composers whose lives took them into different musical and spiritual moods but who speak clearly across the centuries, shedding colour and light on one another, and culminating in a musical tapestry as extraordinary as any Renaissance stained-glass window would have been to a pilgrim coming to a Cathedral for the first time on a sunlit morning. The programme for the concert will include Howell's Requiem and music by Tallis, including Spem in Alium.

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Family Crafts - Daffodil Headbands

Tuesday 9 April at 10:30 AM
Easter Family Crafts

Come and join the education team and make a daffodil headband to take home.  Suitable for all ages.

£2 per child.

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Family Crafts - Easter Chicks

Thursday 11 April at 10:30 AM
Easter Family Craft session. 

Come and join the education team and create an Easter chick decoration.  Suitable for all ages.

£2 per child.


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Special Service: Palm Sunday Eucharist

Sunday 14 April at 11:15 AM

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, and commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. 

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St John Passion

Sunday 14 April at 7:00 PM
Durham Cathedral - Front Nave

Durham Cathedral Choir joins forces with the Avison Ensemble to perform Bach’s stunning St John Passion on the evening of Palm Sunday 2019. This unmissable concert will be conducted by Daniel Cook, Master of the Choristers and Organist at Durham Cathedral.  The orchestra will be led by renowned period instrument violinist Pavlo Beznosiuk.  The Evangelist will be sung by Phil Durrant, Lay-Clerk, Durham Cathedral, with other solos sung by members of the Cathedral Choir. 

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Holy Week Service: Address and Compline

Monday 15 April at 7:30 PM

An evening service of contemplation and prayer that has been offered since the days of monastic life.

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Holy Week Service: Address and Compline

Tuesday 16 April at 7:30 PM

An evening service of contemplation and prayer that has been offered since the days of monastic life.

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Holy Week Service: Address and Compline

Wednesday 17 April at 7:30 PM

An evening service of contemplation and prayer that has been offered since the days of monastic life.

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Special Service: Maundy Thursday Sung Eucharist and Blessing of the Oils

Thursday 18 April at 11:00 AM

Bishops, priests and deacons of the diocese renew their ministerial vows at a service of Holy Communion on the day before the commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus.

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Special Service: Maundy Thursday Sung Eucharist and Stripping of the Altar

Thursday 18 April at 7:30 PM

Maundy Thursday is the evening of the Last Supper. On his final evening with his disciples, Jesus instituted the Eucharist, commanding his disciples to wash one anothers' feet.  After that final meal, Jesus and his disciples went out to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

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Special Service: The Liturgy of Good Friday (The Three Hours)

Friday 19 April at 12:00 PM

At the centre of Good Friday is the Cross. In this service its meaning is brought home to us in three ways: first by hearing the account of the Passion in St John’s Gospel; then by praying for all those for whom Christ died; then by reflecting on and reverencing a visible cross.

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Special Service: Easter Day

Sunday 21 April

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at our Easter Day services. All are welcome. 

5am – Dawn Liturgy with Initiation and the First Communion of Easter
8am – Holy Communion
10am – Matins
11.15am – Sung Eucharist
3.30pm – Evensong

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Special Service: Stations of the Resurrection

Sunday 12 May at 3:30 PM

Many Christians are familiar with the traditional Stations of the Cross as a devotion used customarily on Fridays and during Lent and Passiontide. In more recent years, complementary series of devotions around the biblical accounts of the Resurrection have been developed by the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England in Common Worship: Times and Seasons. The service is a dramatic procession, exploring by movement, symbol, word and music the mystery of the Resurrection.

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Special Service: Eve of Bede Sung Eucharist and Procession

Friday 24 May at 7:30 PM

The Cathedral community commemorates the ‘Father of English learning’ with a Sung Eucharist held at his shrine in the Galilee Chapel.

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Special Service: Feast of Saint Bede the Venerable - Evensong and Procession

Saturday 25 May at 5:15 PM

We continue with our celebrations of Bede, ‘the Father of English learning’ with Choral Evensong and Procession.

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Special Service: Ascension Day Services

Thursday 30 May at 5:15 PM

We celebrate our Lord's ascension into heaven with Solemn Evensong at 5.15pm, followed by Sung Eucharist at 7.30pm. 


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Special Service: Pentecost Evensong and Procession

Sunday 9 June at 3:30 PM

Pentecost calls to mind the descent of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples and the beginning of their mission to take God’s word out into the world.

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The Vikings in Northumbria

Tuesday 11 June to Saturday 28 September at 10:00 AM

This exhibition in Open Treasure, Durham Cathedral's award-winning museum experience, traces the history of Vikings in North East England. It tells the story of the devastating raids on Lindisfarne in 793 AD, and how the Community of St Cuthbert searched for a safe home for their saint after leaving Lindisfarne in 875 AD. We also examine how, over a period of over 200 years, the Vikings invaders and later settlers shaped the political and cultural landscape of Northumbria through raids, trade and conquest.

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Special Service: Corpus Christi Sung Eucharist

Thursday 20 June at 7:30 PM

The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin, ‘the Body of Christ’) is a day in which we give thanks for the gift of Holy Communion. Christ’s command to break bread and share wine together, in remembrance of him, is at the heart of Christian worship, and we call this to mind at every Holy Communion.

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Photography Morning

Friday 21 June at 5:00 AM
Durham Cathedral

Join us on the Summer Solstice for a early morning photography session. 

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Special Service: Ordination of Priests

Saturday 29 June at 5:15 PM

New Priests of the Diocese are ordained by the Bishop, and their ministry inaugurated, in a celebratory service at the Cathedral.

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Special Service: Ordination of Deacons

Sunday 30 June at 10:00 AM

New Deacons of the Diocese are ordained by the Bishop, and their ministry inaugurated, during a great service of celebration in the Cathedral. 

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Special Service: Durham Miners' Gala Festival Service

Saturday 13 July at 3:00 PM

Thousands of people from across the County and beyond come to Durham to celebrate the rich mining heritage of the North East. This day of festivites culminates in the procession of pit banners, preceded by the pit brass bands, to the Cathedral, where they are laid up, and often new banners are dedicated.

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Photography Evening

Thursday 29 August at 6:30 PM
Durham Cathedral

Join us for an evening of photography inside Durham Cathedral.

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Special Service: The Translation of the Relics of St Cuthbert

Sunday 1 September at 11:15 AM

September 4 has long been venerated as the anniversary of the enshrining in 999 of the body of St Cuthbert in the original ‘White Church’ prior to the building of the present Cathedral, and we celebrate this today with Sung Eucharist at 11.15am.


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Special Service: Durham Light Infantry Reunion Service

Sunday 8 September at 12:45 PM

Veterans from the Durham Light Infantry hold an annual reunion service in the Cathedral, at which the regimental roll of honour is read and hymns and prayers are offered in commemoration of the fallen, and those who have died since the previous reunion. The service centres around the Durham Light Infantry Chapel, in which the regimental colours are preserved. 

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Special Service: Evensong & Commemoration of the Battle of Britain

Sunday 8 September at 3:30 PM

The Battle of Britain, a pivotal conflict of the Second World War, saved England from invasion and prepared the way for the subsequent liberation of Europe and the defeat of the Nazis.  The bravery and sacrifice of so many men is commemorated at Evensong today.

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Special Service: Sung Eucharist for Michael and All Angels

Sunday 29 September at 11:15 AM

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are the three named biblical angels, depicted as the beloved messengers of God.  A basilica near Rome was dedicated in the fifth century in honour of Michael on 30 September, beginning with celebrations on the eve of that day, and 29 September is now kept in honour of Michael and all Angels throughout the western Church.  

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Mapping the World

Monday 7 October to Saturday 18 January at 10:00 AM

An exhibition in Open Treasure, Durham Cathedral's award-winning museum experience, showcasing the exquisite and extraordinary maps, charts and atlases in the Durham Cathedral Library collections, including early maps of Durham.

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Special Service: All Saints Day

Friday 1 November at 7:30 AM

A special day of services in honour of God’s saints including Holy Communion at 7.30am, and a Sung Eucharist in the Quire at 7.30pm.

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Special Service: All Souls' Day

Saturday 2 November at 7:30 PM

On All Souls’ Day, we commemorate all those whom we have loved and lost, at a celebration of the Eucharist. All are welcome to attend and give thanks for the life of a family member or friend.

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Special Service: Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 10 November at 10:15 AM

The Cathedral Community is joined by military representatives and dignitaries to remember those who have given their lives for their country and the serving soldiers who put their lives at risk today. The service will be followed by wreath-laying and a formal parade.

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Christmas with Durham Cathedral Choir

Saturday 14 December at 7:30 PM

Join Durham Cathedral Choir and the Reg Vardy Band for a spectacular candlelit evening of festive classics.

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