10 March 2018
Prior’s Hall
Canon Professor Simon Oliver, author of ‘Creation: a guide for the perplexed’ (2017) and Professor Celia Deane-Drummond, Director of the Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing at the University of Notre Dame, US and author of ‘A Primer in Ecotheology: Theology for a Fragile Earth’ (2017)
A fundamental religious claim is that the universe is created. But what does this mean? Does God fashion the universe out of chaotic matter, or is the act of creation something more fundamental? How has the creation story in Genesis been interpreted? Does modern science - for example, evolutionary biology - cast doubt on the idea of creation? How can we face the current environmental crisis? This study day will examine these central questions through scripture, doctrine, philosophy, history and science.
There is no charge for this event but a donation of £10 on the day would be appreciated. Bookings available from the Visitor Desk in the Cathedral, Tel: 0191 338 7178.