Easter Day

20 April 2014

5.00am – Holy Communion Initiation and the First Communion of Easter

At dawn, a bonfire is lit in the cloister garth, symbolising the creation of light in Genesis, and the triumph of light over dark, of life over death, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The clergy and congregation go in procession into the Cathedral, and those seeking confirmation are confirmed and receive their first Eucharist, and others are baptized, symbolising the beginning of a new life in Christ on the memorial of his rising from the dead.

There is an Easter tradition of raising the roof with a roar of joyful sound at the acclamation ‘Christ is risen!’ We encourage you to follow this practice on Easter Day at the Dawn Liturgy. Please bring along your bells, whistles, rattles and anything else with which to ring in the risen Lord.

8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Matins

11.15am Sung Eucharist

3.30pm Evensong