Ten Minute Talk

07 December 2016
Every Wednesday at 2.00pm

Open Treasure 

Come along to our new series of ‘Ten Minute Talks’ in Open Treasure. Each week you can find out more about the extraordinary and unusual objects on display, and still have time for lunch! 

29 March: Sam Crampton - 'A New Religion in Northumbria' - What can we learn from Open Treasure's Collections about the origins of Christianity in North East England?

5 April: Sam Crampton - 'Building the Monks' Dormitory' - A brief guide to the medieval building of the Dormitory.

12 April: Emma Bowey - 'Religious Allegory and the Unicorn' - Looking at the symbolism of the crucifixion as found in "the hunt of the unicorn".

19 April: Anne-Marie - 'From a griffin's claw to an elephant's tooth!' - Medieval gifts to St Cuthbert's Shrine. 

26 April: Jack Kershaw - 'Medieval Ethnobotany' - St Cuthbert's life as a forager, and Durham Cathedral's Monastic Herbology.

10 May: Shaun McAlister - 'Cats and the Church' - A look at the varied attitude to cats in history. 

17 May: Emma Bowey - 'Thomas Aquinas and Glossa Ordinaria' - Short introduction on Thomas Aquinas' Summa and the Glosses.

24 May: Sam Crampton - 'The Life and Work of Thomas Bewick' - Exploring the life and legacy of the Northumbrian artist, engraver, and naturalist. 

Open Treasure admission applies.

Tickets: £2.50 - £7.50 (under 5s free) available from the Visitor Desk in the Cathedral or in advance from www.durhamcathedral.co.uk/open-treasure

Collect your Open Treasure tickets earlier in the day to enjoy 10% discount in the Undercroft Restaurant.