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Durham Cathedral was built as a shrine to St Cuthbert, northern England's most famous saint.

From 20-23 March, around St Cuthbert's saint's day, we invite you to visit and learn more about our history, see St Cuthbert's Anglo-Saxon treasures in Open Treasure, and be inspired by St Cuthbert's example through worship and prayer.

We're holding a Giving Day on Saturday 23 March to celebrate the fantastic building created to honour and house St Cuthbert.

All online and in-person donations to the Cathedral on 23 March will be doubled, thanks to match-funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The money we raise will go towards Foundation 2020, our endowment campaign to provide long-term sustainable funding for the care and maintenance of Durham Cathedral's buildings.

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Who was St Cuthbert?

Why is this festival so important for Durham Cathedral?

This Cathedral is St Cuthbert's final resting place. His body was brought to Durham by the monks from Lindisfarne. They then built this cathedral to house his shrine. Our connection to St Cuthbert has always been very strong.

The Shrine of St Cuthbert

Visitors may pay their respects to St Cuthbert at his shrine within the Cathedral at any time of year. Find out more in the Shrine of St Cuthbert.

The Treasures of St Cuthbert

The Treasures of St Cuthbert form an awe-inspiring display in our Open Treasure exhibition. In the atmospheric surroundings of the monks’ former Great Kitchen, you can see his 1,300 year-old coffin and the cross we think he wore. Find our more in Treasures of St Cuthbert.