Durham Cathedral's bells are a demanding ring of ten, but the effects are glorious!

The sound of the bells pealing out from the central tower, echoing around the Wear Gorge, is truly wonderful.

Durham Cathedral has ten bells, with the tenor (the heaviest bell) weighing in at 28cwt - that's just under 1.5 tonnes!

The bells are hung at the top of the central tower. This wasn't the case until the late 1600s, when the bells were moved from the north-west tower into the main tower. Until 1980 there were only 8 bells, when two more bells were added to augment them to a ten.

They are a 28-0-6 (28cwt, 0qt, 6lbs) ring of 10, in the key of D

For full details of the Durham Cathedral Bells, and a full account of their history, please visit the Durham Bell Ringers website.