Bats at Durham Cathedral

The Cloisters at Durham Cathedral is home to the second largest roost of Common Pipistrelle bats in the UK. Find out more about how we care for these nocturnal creatures

A home for nature

The Cloisters is an important regional habitat for Common Pipistrelle bats. In late summer, July to October, they can often be seen flying around the Cloisters, especially at night, looking for insects. After dark, up to 50 bats can be seen at once, circling around looking for food.

Did you know?

  • Common Pipistrelles can fly at a speed of seven metres per second.
  • In Summer months, females form maternity colonies and only have one pup each.
  • They weigh between 3 - 8g, which is no more than a pound coin.
  • They eat a diet of with lacewings, mayflies, midges and mosquitoes.

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