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Open for prayer and worship

We welcome you to Durham Cathedral for private prayer and public worship during the festive period, and to visit the Cathedral Shop. Face coverings must be worn inside the cathedral, except for those who are exempt.

Find Christmas gifts on our online shop; you can also order by email or phone (0191 386 8669).

If you can, please donate to support Durham Cathedral’s future. You can donate online here, or at the cathedral using a contactless card or one of the cash donation boxes. Thank you. 


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Bring comfort and joy this Christmas

Comfort and Joy is a joint appeal from Durham Cathedral and County Durham Community Foundation to encourage everyone to reach out to the most vulnerable people in our communities this Christmas. By supporting this appeal, you can send a specially-designed Christmas card, signed by the Dean of Durham, to someone who may be more lonely than usual this year. You can support the campaign in two ways:

"At a time when we are less able to be together in person, finding ways to stay connected and reach out to those who may be more isolated is so important.” Gaye Kirby, Head of Development and Strategy, Durham Cathedral

Read our news story about the Comfort and Joy appeal here.

Send a card and donate to the campaign here

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Welcome to Durham Cathedral, one of the great buildings of Europe.

Set on a rocky promontory next to the Castle, with the medieval city huddled below and the river sweeping round, the profile of the World Heritage Site is instantly recognisable to travellers on the East Coast railway line.

Why does it exist?

The Community of Cuthbert arrived in Durham from Lindisfarne in 995 and built an Anglo-Saxon cathedral.

In 1083 a community of Benedictine monks was established in Durham following the Norman Conquest.

Construction of the Cathedral as we know it today was started in 1093 by Bishop William of St Calais.


Our role

Durham Cathedral is a Christian Church of the Anglican Communion and the seat of the Bishop of Durham.

We are a place of worship, welcome and hospitality.

Following the example of Saints Cuthbert and Bede, we share our faith and heritage globally and empower people to transform the communities in which we live and serve.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to worship God, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, welcome all who come, celebrate and pass on our rich Christian heritage and discover our place in God’s creation.


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The Rose Window

Durham Cathedral's Rose Window is one of the most stunning stained glass windows in England. It casts dappled colourful sunlight on to the Cathedral's stone floor.

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Virtual education tours

We now offer online schools' sessions, focussing on different aspects of the cathedral, its history and life.

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Prayer and worship

We offer a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to visit Durham Cathedral to pray, worship or simply find a quiet space to reflect.

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The Cathedral Choristers

Choristers typically join the Cathedral Choir between the ages of eight and nine, and remain until the age of 13. There are usually around 18 boys and around 18 girls.

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