How your support helps

For nearly 1000 years, gifts from individuals and organisations have been essential to caring for this place, from ancient walls to riverbanks and woodlands.

What has my gift achieved?

Durham Cathedral was originally a community of monks, known by the colour of their robes as the 'black monks', who followed a special rule of life. Today, the central commitments of that rule - prayer and hospitality to all - remain at the heart of cathedral life.

Like the monks, too, today's team of staff and volunteers continue to give thanks for the generous support of individuals and organisations whose gifts help to advance the whole mission of this place:

  • caring for wildlife, including a community of pipistreele bats dweilling in the cloister;
  • conserving buildings and monuments, including the medieval Prior's Door and 350-year-old font cover;
  • welcoming families, including free craft activities in the school holidays;
  • extending educational opportunities, including bursaries enabling talented local musicians to become choristers;
  • improving Durham's green spaces, including woodland paths made safe for walkers;
  • enhancing the beauty of the cathedral, including fresh flowers grown with new bulbs and equipment.

Our wonderful cathedral was the first in the UK to become part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site - its significance, locally, nationally and globally, is beyond doubt. This has not happened by accident, but by a combination of the generosity and skills of many people. If you are already part of this story, we'd like to say a huge "thank you"!

- Matthew Mills, Head of Development

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