Durham Cathedral in LEGO® returns!

After a few years in storage, the LEGO® version of Durham Cathedral is being re-built and will go back on display inside the Durham Cathedral Museum in February 2024.

Durham Cathedral in LEGO® is currently being re-built by a team of volunteers with the hope that it will be complete in time for February half term 2024.

After three years in storage, following the Covid-19 pandemic, the structure will be housed in a new location in the Monks' Dormitory of the Durham Cathedral Museum.

Durham Cathedral in LEGO®, was an ambitious fundraising project from 2013 to 2016 which saw the cathedral recreated in LEGO® bricks. This imaginative fundraising initiative was first developed to support the development of the Durham Cathedral Museum, then named 'Open Treasure'.

The model was built by members of the public, with each brick representing a £1 donation and since the first brick was laid on 11 July 2013, over 350,000 bricks were added to the model over the next 3 years.