Epiphany Procession and Candlemas at Durham Cathedral

On Sunday 21 January, we marked the milestones of the Epiphany season with Epiphany Procession, and the ended the Christmas season with Candlemas service on Friday 2 February.

Epiphany Procession

Epiphany Procession encapsulated the significant milestones celebrated in the Epiphany season - the wise men coming, the baptism of Jesus and his first miracle, the wedding of Cana, where he changes water into wine. The clergy and choir processed around the cathedral, as they dramatically recalled the journey of the Magi from the East, as they come to offer worship to Jesus.

Epiphany means ‘revelation’, and the service represents the three revelations of Christ. Clergy renewed their Baptism vows and were sprinkled with water from the priest in this service.