What is Holy Week?

Visiting Durham Cathedral may be a different experience than usual during Holy Week. Take a read below to find out more.

What is Holy Week all about?

For Christians Holy Week commemorates the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, during which he was arrested and put to death by the Roman authorities and then was raised from the dead. Christians believe that Jesus died to show God’s love for the world, which is the day we remember his death is called Good Friday. Easter Sunday celebrates that death was not the end for Jesus, and is not the end for all those who believe in him.

Is the Cathedral open as normal?

The cathedral is fully open as usual for visiting and prayer, and you are welcome to spend your time as you wish. You may notice people around you praying or spending some time in quiet. This is because Christians often take time in Holy Week to think about what happened to Jesus and what it means for life today.

What can I do while I am at the cathedral?

During this Holy Week, you may want to visit the large cross at the front of the church. There is an opportunity there to sit and reflect more about the events of Holy Week, and light a candle as a sign of a prayer for yourself or others.

Can I attend services while I am here?

You are very welcome at any of our services during Holy Week. See services here.

How can I find out more about Holy Week and the Christian faith?

You can talk to one of our chaplains who you will find around the church. You can also discover more about the Christian faith here.