Restoring the Monks' Garden Wall

The Monks' Garden was formed in the 12th century when the Galilee Chapel was built. In 2022, work was started to restore the long and high boundary wall around the garden.

The final stone is laid in the restoration project

The final brick has been laid, to restore the Monks’ Garden Wall, with the scaffolding to be dismantled in the week commencing 26 February.

The last stone was put in place on Tuesday 13 February by Durham Cathedral stonemason's Graham Penfold and Grace Impesi, whilst the extensive work has been carried out over 200 newly cut and reclaimed stones in place.

The conservation work began in 2022, after a survey was carried out and it became clear that some stones within the wall were either missing, damaged, or had a crack or void behind them.

The majority of the work has been carried out by Durham Cathedral’s team of skilled stonemasons and during this major conservation work, the team faces dome significant structural issues which required expertise of a conservation structural engineer. The work also relied on permission from the Fabric Advisory Committee and listed building consent, which can be a lengthy process.