Music Outreach Programme

Find out how to get your school involved with music at Durham Cathedral

Children have been learning to sing at Durham Cathedral for hundreds of years – the Music Outreach programme enables this training to reach local school children, to inspire them with the joys of singing and give them a chance to sing in this wonderful space.

Durham Cathedral’s Music Outreach programme aims to teach high-quality singing skills to primary schools throughout the Durham area. It allows children from local schools to sing alongside other primary schools from the Durham LEA and offers a fun opportunity for them to perform at the Cathedral in front of their family and friends.

Who can apply and how much does it cost?

Any schools in the local area are welcome to apply to be in the Music Outreach scheme. Our usual pattern is to work with schools in Durham area in Easter term, Sunderland area in Michaelmas term and South Tyneside area in Epiphany term, but schools from other areas are able to get involved at other times if this pattern doesn’t work for them.

We ask for up to 30 children per school. Ideally pupils should be in Years 5 and 6 but Years 3 and 4 also fare well with a little help from the older years. Alternatively, you could bring your school choir.

It costs £400 including music and support visits (for double entry schools or Years 5 and 6 from one school, £650). Please note that this price doesn’t include transport to or from the Cathedral on the date of the performance, or to the group session.

How does our school get involved?

Please contact the Music Outreach team find out more.