Durham Cathedral has been a
place of worship, welcome and hospitality for almost a millennium.

It is famous as a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Building started in 1093 and was largely completed within 40 years. A skilled team of craftspeople continue to care for and conserve this magnificent building. The location of the Cathedral, on the Durham peninsula high above the Woodlands and Riverbanks, forms a dramatic setting.

We continue to cherish our built and natural heritage, as well as the objects and artefacts that comprise the Cathedral’s collections including the Anglo-Saxon relics of St Cuthbert and our Library that has its origins in the monastic library at Lindisfarne founded by St Aidan in 635AD.

Our new exhibition experience Open Treasure showcases the Cathedral's fascinating history and heritage, transforming public access to some of the most intact medieval monastic buildings in the UK. Embark on a journey from the fourteenth-century Monks' Dormitory to the monastic Great Kitchen, as the remarkable story of Durham Cathedral and its incredible collections is revealed.

There is much to celebrate as we conserve the past and live in the present.

For more information please visit - History of Durham Cathedral.