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Get that perfect photo where iconic scenes from the first two Harry Potter movies were filmed at Durham Cathedral.

Grab your wand and robes, and make your own adventure reliving the magic from films which continue to enchant us, 20 years on.

The Cloister

These secluded walkways were used as the filming location for scenes of Harry, Ron and Hermione walking between lessons in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. At the end Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the scene where Harry frees Dobby the House Elf was filmed on a set that is an almost identical replica of Durham Cathedral's Cloister.

Did you know? 

Filch the Caretaker is often seen with a set of big old-fashioned keys as he prowls the school looking for mischief. While filming at Durham Cathedral, an actual set of Durham Cathedral's keys were used as props.

What is a cloister? Find out here

The Cloister Garth

This is the name for the square of grass in the middle of the Cloister. It featured generously dusted in fake snow in a wintery scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, when Harry released his pet owl Hedwig for a flight around Hogwarts Castle.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the Cloister Garth was the setting for the famous scene when Ron's 'eat slugs' curse backfires.

The Chapter House

The Chapter House was used as the filming location for Professor Minerva McGonagall's classroom. Dame Maggie Smith's character led Transfiguration lessons that saw the young students attempt to turn animals into goblets.

This location isn't usually open to the public

This room is in constant use by staff at the cathedral as a preparation area for services, and for choir practice and events. This means it's not possible to have this area open to the public all the time. You can go into the Chapter House as part of our Museum Tours, which usually run on Saturdays.

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