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Celebrate our rich history of pilgrimage with new trails and an exciting programme of events.

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Celebrating Pilgrimage in 2020 and 2021


The Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, designated 2020 as Durham’s Year of Pilgrimage in celebration of the launch of six new Northern Saints Trails leading to Durham Cathedral. Due to disruptions to planned events caused by coronavirus, this celebration of pilgrimage have been extended to 2021.

These long-distance walking routes are inspired by ancient pilgrimage routes and the stories of our much-loved northern saints: Aidan, Cuthbert, Oswald, Hild and Bede.

The work of the cathedral and partners around the region, the Northern Saints Trails have recently opened. The six new routes reflects the saint's journeys and their connections with the North East. As a desination for pilgrims for centuries, the Northern Saints Trails highlight the significance of Durham Cathedral and positions the North East as the Crossroads of British Christianity.

Find more information on the Northern Saints project website. 


Awe-inspiring installations and incredible exhibitions


Due to coronavirus restrictions, the exciting events programme planned for 2020 are currently being rescheduled for 2021. For further updates please visit our news page.

This exciting programme of special services, exhibitions and events will encourage visitors of all faiths to experience pilgrimage for themselves at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We look forward to welcoming Diocesan pilgrimages, as well as a new and immersive contemporary arts programme.

We hope you'll visit to see a breath-taking installation coming soon, LIGHT by Chris Levine, with sound composed by Will Todd, recorded by The Sixteen.

In Autumn 2021 Luke Jerram’s stellar display, Museum of the Moon, lands at Durham Cathedral. See what's on at Durham Cathedral.

Explore a specially-curated exhibition on the history of pilgrimage coming soon in Open Treasure, the cathedral’s award-winning interactive museum for all ages. 

Everyone's celebrating!


Durham’s focus on pilgrimage ties in with the Association of English Cathedral’s national 2020: Year of Cathedrals, Year of Pilgrimage celebration, plus Cathedrals at Night, a series of evening openings with a specific emphasis on pilgrimage.


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