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The River Wear loops around the Cathedral, its banks and woodlands provide a peaceful haven from city hustle. 


Green spaces and footpaths

Enjoy the pedestrian routes, especially on the western side of the Cathedral down by the river.


Head to Prebends’ Bridge, built in 1776, for a magnificent view of the Cathedral soaring up above the river and the trees.


A growing heritage

Intriguing buildings pepper the riverbanks, including the Corn Mill and the Fulling Mill, boat houses used by schools and Durham University Colleges, and a folly called The Count’s House.

Find out more in Heritage – Woodlands and Riverbanks.

Branch out with volunteering

We offer volunteering opportunities in the woodlands and riverbanks, from conservation to event guiding.

Take a look at our Woodlands and Riverbanks Volunteers page.

Woodlands and Riverbanks Season Hunt

How good are you at spotting creepy crawlies and flowers? Print off our seasonal Hunt lists and see how many you score!

Orienteering trails

Orienteering is a sport in which competitors navigate their way ar their own pace between features marked on a special coloured map.

Our permanent course is suitable for families, groups and schools.

There are four variations (1a - d) plus a more difficult course, labelled 2.

Woodland Snap

Working with children from Aycliffe Village Primary School, we've created a Woodlands and Riverbanks version of snap.

The back of the cards feature St Cuthbert's Cross. On the front there's a fun fact and a photo.

All the photos were taken by the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, a former Dean of Durham.

To make your pack of cards

Print the following on card. You can laminate them to make them last longer!

  1. Print Woodland Snap page 1 (PDF) with Woodland Snap B side (PDF) on the back x 6 copies
  2. Print Woodland Snap page 2 (PDF) with B side on the back x 6 copies
  3. Print Woodland Snap page 3 (PDF) with B side on the back x 1 copy

Geology Trail

Learn about rocks, rivers and more in our self-guided Geology Trail for families. Just £1 from the Cathedral Shop or our Visitor Desk in the Cathedral.

Developed in partnership with Durham University. Designed by final year Earth Sciences into Society students, Durham University’s Cartographic Unit with illustrations by Sam Church.