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St Cuthbert Festival

Wednesday 20 March to Saturday 23 March

Durham Cathedral is the resting place of St Cuthbert, built to house his shrine. 

Cuthbert is often referred to as the Patron Saint of Northern England and every year we celebrate his life and influence with an array of special services and events on and around 20 March, his saint’s day. 

For 2019 The St Cuthbert Festival takes place from Wednesday 20 March to Saturday 23 March.  We have special services, a concert, free tours and a special ticket price into Open Treasure, where the Treasures of St Cuthbert are on display.

There is a Local Producers' Market in the Cloister and family fun events. For those who enjoy walking, there is the annual Northumbrian Association's walk from Chester-le-Street to Durham, symbolic of the arrival of the body and relics of St Cuthbert in Durham in 995AD, and the formation of the Anglo-Saxon White Church, a precursor of today’s great Norman Cathedral.

Look at each day from Tuesday 20 March to Saturday 23 to find out more. 

Wednesday 20 March - St Cuthbert's Day Evensong and Procession

Thursday 21 March - Stories of Sanctuary

Friday 22 March - A Musical Celebration with The Chorister School

Saturday 23 March - St Cuthbert Giving Day

Saturday 23 March - St Cuthbert annual walk and procession from Chester-le-Street

Saturday 23 March - Local Producers' Market in the Cathedral Cloister

Saturday 23 March - Storytelling with Adam Bushnell

Saturday 23 March - Free guided tours of the Cathedral

Saturday 23 March - Sung Eucharist with Durham Cathedral Choir and Newcastle Cathedral Choir

St Cuthbert Festival Open Treasure special offer