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Durham Cathedral's Community of Prayer

Join a welcoming online community of pilgrims on the way of faith

Since we began broadcasting worship online in March 2020, it has become clear that an online community of worshippers has formed around Durham Cathedral's livestreamed Daily Offices and Sunday Eucharists. In response, this Community of Prayer seeks to provide support and resources for those members of our congregation who join us partially or exclusively online.

Joining the community will grant you access to a depth of resources, online gatherings and discussion to aid your journey in prayer and discipleship. However, if the community isn't for you, you can still take part in our services online and at the cathedral as normal.

Watch Canon Charlie Allen introduce the community in this video, or watch on Youtube here.


Who is the Community of Prayer for?

Whether you consider the cathedral to be your primary ‘spiritual home’, or a spiritual resource in addition to your local church community, the Community of Prayer is very much a place to belong. We welcome all who find that the life of the community resonates with them.

How do I join?

The first step is completing a short form with a few details about yourself. Once your application has been approved by a member of the cathedral's clergy, you will receive a welcome email with more information and an invitation to join the community's closed Facebook group.

Click here to join the Community of Prayer

What can I expect if I get involved?

You can expect to find a warm welcome from fellow pilgrims on the way of faith. You can also expect to find a prayerful space in which to be nurtured, to know that you are valued, and in which to put down roots and feel at home.

The community provides a variety of resources for its members to make use of as they journey in prayer and discipleship. Members are welcome to make use of as many or as few of these resources as they find helpful. These include:

  • a closed Facebook Group as a focal point for intercessory prayer, communication and discussion;
  • a monthly Zoom gathering to explore questions of common interest;
  • and additional material to support our popular bi-monthly online Quiet Days.
  • Members will be invited to continue to join us for Morning and Evening Prayer online or at the cathedral as often as they are able.  

The most important aspect of membership is the embracing of a simple and flexible ‘rhythm of life’ involving a commitment to prayer, learning, and living the values of the kingdom - more information is included at the bottom of this page.

The Community of Prayer is free to join and participate in, although you may wish to consider making a regular donation to Durham Cathedral if you are able to do so through our LocalGiving page.

Community of Prayer Events


Join us for a Quiet Day

We organise a quiet day every two months to encourage stillness and reflection, and time to explore our faith. These events are conducted entirely online, with live-streamed reflections from the cathedral throughout the day, and exclusive Zoom gatherings for Community of Prayer members. Details of any upcoming quiet days will appear below.

Sign up to an Explorer Event to find out more

If you'd like more information before making up your mind, or would like to talk to a member of the cathedral's clergy before you join, sign up to our next Explorer Event, which will take place via Zoom. Links to upcoming Explorer Events will appear below. Click on an event to find out more details and register your interest. It's essential that you register for these online events.

No events found matching your criteria

Our Rhythm of Life

A Rhythm of Life is a thing of beautiful simplicity.  It is not there to constrain or to conform, but to remind us who we are and what we value – and to call us back when we get distracted from that.  A good Rhythm of Life is generous enough to be interpreted in many different contexts and to be lived by many different people, yet it still provides a sense of commonality and identity.

Members of the Community of Prayer are encouraged to embrace the four elements of our Rhythm of Life and make them their own:


Prayer is a habit of being present with God. The more we immerse ourselves in prayer, the more the reality of the God we encounter resonates in our lives, and the closer we come to glimpsing the world through his eyes rather than through our own. The presence of St Cuthbert’s Shrine in our midst is a reminder of a life shaped and formed in prayer to which we all, in our unique ways, are called.

Prayer is the heartbeat of our life together here at Durham Cathedral, with Morning Prayer prayed at the start of each day and Evening Prayer (or Evensong) drawing the day to a close. These acts of worship quietly transform us, and enable us to intercede for the needs of the world. Members of the Community of Prayer are encouraged to pray these services with us as often as they are able, either online or within the Cathedral itself.  


Durham Cathedral has been a place of hospitality since its very foundation, with pilgrims flocking to the shrine of St Cuthbert.  In its days as a Benedictine monastery the community embraced their vocation to receive all guests as Christ, “for he will say, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’” (Rule of Benedict 53:1; Matthew 25:35).  This charism continues today in our welcome to all who come.

The Community of Prayer embraces this calling by committing ourselves to offer the hospitality of our hearts and minds to one another as fellow pilgrims on the way of faith.  Evidence of this is seen in the generous way we engage with members of the community, and in our desire to seek the face of Christ even in those whom we may find it challenging to understand or to walk alongside.


There is always more to discover on the way of faith, and Durham Cathedral rejoices in its vocation to be a place of learning and enquiry. The tomb of The Venerable Bede is in our midst, and we are blessed to have a connection with a saint who prayed that Christ would “waken us from the greyness of our apathy, and renew in us your gift of hope” – an invitation to us all to find a sense of joy and wonder in exploring God’s creation. 

There are many ways to engage online with this aspect of discipleship at Durham Cathedral. Sermons are offered regularly to spark prayerful reflection and conversation, the great issues of our time are debated, and themed material is available at various times of the year. We encourage members of The Community of Prayer to make the most of these and other resources, and to be proactive in their desire to bring faith into dialogue with the world around us.


Jesus taught us to pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. He called us to be agents of transformation and bearers of hope as we seek to live God’s kingdom in the here and now. Inherent within this is a commitment to work for peace, justice and reconciliation, and a desire to strive for the integrity of creation.  

We invite members of The Community of Prayer to embrace this calling within their own lives and to nurture it within the various communities in which they are placed.