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The Durham Light Infantry (DLI) chapel commemorates the service and sacrifice of the local soldiers.

The DLI Chapel is a place of peace, respect, and gratitude.

Where is this space?

The DLI Chapel is located in the South Transept, to the left of Prior’s Clock.

How is it used today?

We use this space today to remember all those affected by war and to pray for those who keep the peace.


The DLI Chapel in the medieval monastery

This area was originally known as the Our Lady of Bolton chapel.

Changes over the past 500 years

In 1923, the chapel was renamed the Chapel of the Durham Light Infantry to honour the soldiers of our local regiment.

In World War I, during the Battle of the Somme, the Butte of Warlencourt in France became a much-contested point of high ground. Attempts to gain that higher ground ultimately took the lives of 273 members of the 6th, 8th and 9th Durham Light Infantry battalions.

After the battle, survivors erected three wooden crosses in 1917 on top of the Butte to remember those who had died. In 1926 these crosses were taken and placed separately in local parish churches. The largest cross came here, to Durham Cathedral.


Wheelchair users and visitors with limited mobility

The DLI Chapel is not accessible without the use of stairs.

Visitors with a hearing impairment

An induction loop is not available in this area.

Neurodiverse visitors

This area is quietest outside of peak visiting hours. As the DLI Chapel is close to the Cathedral Tower entrance, it can sometimes be a loud area.

Blind and partially sighted visitors

Lighting in this area can be low depending on the time of day and year.