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The North Transept makes up one of the arms of the cathedral's cross-shaped footprint.

Where is this space?

This area lies along the north side of the cathedral, making up one of the arms in the cathedral’s cross-shaped footprint.


Wheelchair users

The nave is fully accessible, with ramped access to all areas.

Toilets are located near the cathedral shop, which can be reached via a level route outside the building or via an enclosed platform lift from the nave.

Visitors with a hearing impairment

The information desk at the West End of the cathedral is fitted with an induction loop.

Neurodiverse visitors

During organ tuning there will be frequent loud and sudden noises in the nave, which some visitors may find distressing. For more information on organ tuning please see the cathedral schedule.

Blind and partially sighted visitors

Lighting in this area can be low depending on the time of day and year.

How is it used today?

In this space, behind the Norman piers, you’ll find the Gregory Chapel which is used for personal prayer. The Benedict altar, in the main space, is on a moveable plinth and is used in the crossing during major cathedral services.